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Shehaqua Spring Gathering

The Spring Gathering is one of the Shehaqua Family’s newest programs. Back in the early days of Shehaqua Family Camp, a few families would meet at Camp Shehaqua in spring to prepare for the Family Camps in summer. Although there wasn't a specific program, these meetings were a lot of fun for both the adults and kids that attended, and more and more people kept coming.

In 2010, a specific Spring Gathering program with presentations and sport activities was offered for the first time. In the following years the program was further developed, with an emphasis on adventurous activities for young adults. In the past, these activities have included whitewater rafting, paintballing, large capture-the-flag games, hikes, and scavenger hunts.

A separate track for families with younger kids is also being developed. If you are planning to attend with young kids, please check with the program director first to find out more details. The Spring Gathering takes place at Camp Shehaqua in Hickory Run State Park over a weekend in the second half of May. It starts on a Friday night and lasts until Sunday afternoon.

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Come join the spring celebration with the Shehaqua community at the Spring Gathering at Camp Shehaqua, May 18–20. Spend time with friends you haven't seen in a while, enjoy quality time with your family, and meet new friends! As the cold winter months fade away, we look forward to new beginnings and changes. Take time to self-reflect and make new goals. Experience God's love through fellowship and nature.

We will be facilitating discussions about building strong relationships with God, with our family, and with our community at large. In the afternoon, participate in or cheer on those running in the "Adventure Race," a team race through camp including many obstacles and challenges. Crafts and volleyball will also be offered as alternatives. The Spring Gathering will be staffed by Kyra Moyer, Melissa Manor, Seijin Tranberg, Francis Marchitelli, Luke Scazzero, Kolya Moyer, and Sunkook Iwasaki. Early Bird special ends April 29. Arrival on Friday, May 18, at 7pm (no dinner included) and departure on Sunday, May 20, at 1pm (after lunch). For fees and more details visit the Spring Gathering Fees page.