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The swimming pool.

Camp Shehaqua has access to a swimming pool (see image) but we are only allowed to use it if we have Red Cross certified lifeguards at camp who will be on duty at the pool while we are using it. See below for the lifeguard requirements and duties.

General Lifeguard Rules

  • Lifeguards must have a valid Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate (Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED: valid 2 Years) and bring a copy of it to camp, as well as a photo ID. The park rangers will want to see the certificate and the ID before giving us the key to the pool.
  • Lifeguards should coordinate with each other to work out specific pool rules, enforcement of said rules, as well as lifeguarding schedules. The same rules should be applied consistently between the different lifeguards.
  • At all times when the pool is open, the lifeguard must be in possession of a phone with a signal (in the past, only Verizon provided consistent connections at the pool) or a walkie talkie in case of emergencies. The cell phone should have the number of the camp director as well as the camp nurse stored in the contact list. If the walkie talkie is needed, talk with the camp director. If walkie talkies are used, the camp director, or someone he assigns who won’t be in the pool area, needs to carry a walkie talkie during swim time so the lifeguards can reach them and communicate in case of an emergency.

Opening and Closing of the Pool

  • When the pool is not in use, it should be locked, and the key should be kept in an agreed-upon location by the lifeguards that is also known to the director.
  • NEVER try to force your way in the pool when it’s locked (and you don’t have a key), by climbing over the fence or cutting the lock. We will get into serious trouble with the park rangers for such violations, and you will get into serious trouble from the camp director.
  • Open the pool at the start of free time (ask camp director about time)
  • Close the pool 15 minutes before dinner (ask camp director about time), so the swimmers won’t be late for the singing and announcements
  • At least one lifeguard must be at the pool at opening time. Since hikes can sometimes end late, that lifeguard needs to stay at camp and can’t go on the hike.
  • By law, only the gate by the shallow end of the pool may be opened
  • If another group (from Camp Daddy Allen) is also using the pool while we are there, the lifeguards need to bring back our rescue tubes at the end of every swim session. (The other group will need to provide their own rescue tubes.)
  • The last lifeguard to close the pool on the last pool day of the last week at camp should bring the rescue tubes that belong to us to the Dining Hall.

Pool Rules

  • Children 10 years old or younger MUST be accompanied to the pool by an adult, and the adults need to supervise their children.
  • Adults who bring children 10 years old or younger to the pool should stay in the pool area (inside or very close to the fence). Parents should not be taking a nap 50 feet away from the pool.
  • No dangerous behavior—such as flips, dizzy diving, or throwing others in the water—is allowed at the pool. Exact rules on what determines “dangerous behavior” is up to the lifeguards to determine.
  • Misbehavior by an individual who refuses to listen to the lifeguards should be brought to the attention of the camp director.