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Shehaqua Family volunteer spirit: The Shehaqua Family programs were built based on many people volunteering their time and energy. Everyone who attends camp is expected to contribute, which helps everyone have a sense of ownership as well as help keep participant fees low.

However, there are a few positions which require an extraordinary amount of time and effort, without which our programs would not be able to run. For these positions, we offer administrative discounts for the person and where appropriate, their family (to encourage families to attend together), and for our head cook we offer a small honorarium for the amount of work involved.

  • Families are defined as parents with children 20 years and younger.
  • Discounts are for the early-bird fees only. All staff members (camp director included) who are entitled to administrative discounts must register one week before the early bird deadline of a program (including both weekend programs and summer programs). The director needs to inform the registrar by the same time (one week before early bird deadline) who gets administrative discounts. For example, for family camp (early bird deadline May 31), this means all staff members who get discounts need to register by May 24. If the volunteer or a family member registers or pays after that time, they must pay the difference between the early-bird fee and the fee in place at the time of payment.
  • For positions of the head cook and assistant cook (8–10 hours/day), we provide more than a discount since people in these positions are not able to participate in a large portion of the program.
  • Move-in and move-out helpers need to come before the program starts and/or stay after the program ends, and they will get a benefit after they have done their work.
Position Hours of work/ Description of Work Discount
Camp Director ~40-50 hours before and during the program/Family Camp program. Click here for role description. Director free, family free. (only 1 director, no additional co-directors)
Co-Camp Director Same as Camp Director, but shared by 2 people. Co-Camp Director free, family 1/2 off. (for up to 2 directors; for more than 2 people, benefits for 2 are split up)
Education Director ~30 hours before and during the program/Family Camp program. Click here for role description. Education Director free, family 1/2 off.
Co-Education Director Same as Education Director, but shared by 2 people Co-Education Director 1/2 off, family 1/4 off.
Registrar 160 hours/year Registrar and family free
Webmaster 60-70 hours/year Webmaster and family free
Logistics Director (move-in/out) 15 hours per program in spring and fall, 20 hours per move-in and move-out in summer. Click here for role description. Director free, family 1/2 off.
Logistics Assistant Same as Logistics Director 1/2 off for move-in and move-out, 1/4 off for one of them.
Lifeguard 1-2 hours/day/Family Camp program, plus time for getting certified. Free. Red Cross Lifeguard certification paid, if needed
Position Hours of work/ Description of Work Benefit
Food Supply Manager † Planning the menu, determining the amounts to be purchased, and ordering from the delivery company and/or shop for the food. Paid $10 per meal.
Head Cook † Click here for role description. Paid $30 per meal, Cook and family free.
Assistant Cook Not applicable for programs of less than 80 people. Limit: 1 assistant cook. Paid $15 per meal, Assistant Cook free, family 1/2 off.

† The tasks of the food supply manager and of the head cook can be done by the same person, and the benefits can be compounded.