Camp Nurse

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Needed: A nurse (preferably certified) to serve as Camp Nurse

The nurse's assignments include:

  • Check the infirmary supplies upon arrival to ensure that everything necessary is present. That is especially necessary for the nurse in the 1st week. If something is needed, ask the general affairs person to buy it.
  • If the infirmary runs out of some supplies during the week, ask the general affairs person to buy them. Stay at camp in case of emergencies.
  • If available give out cell phone number to everyone at camp in case someone has to reach the nurse; announce the number at the orientation and post it outside the infirmary's door. At times the nurse needs to be reached quickly.
  • The nurse does not have to stay in the infirmary all day, but needs to stay at camp.
  • If there is any necessity to leave camp, let the camp director know. The camp director will need to assign another person in the nurse's place for that time period.
  • There should be a printout of the hospitals in the area, their phone numbers, and the driving directions to the hospitals in the infirmary, but if it is missing, ask the registrar to print out another copy.
  • If the two rooms in the infirmary are not taken by people with health problem, the nurse has a choice of staying in one of the rooms in the infirmary or staying in a cabin. Contact the registrar about staying in the infirmary.
  • If there is a staff shortage, the nurse may be asked to help in the kitchen for one meal a day.