Code of Conduct

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Unofficial Policy

This page is a work in progress. The text on this page has not been finalized as official Shehaqua Family policy by the Council.

I will strive to be a model of Heavenly culture and refrain from name–calling, put–downs, swearing, excluding others, flirting, etc. I will not bring or use any alcohol, illegal drugs, inhalants, or tobacco.

I will respect the happiness and safety of others by not playing pranks or playing with knives. I will not bring any stink bombs, toy guns that launch projectiles, paintballs, fireworks, and firecrackers. I understand that paintballs, fireworks, firecrackers, illegal drugs, and alcohol are illegal in the park.

I will respect God, others and myself by wearing appropriate clothing at all times. Clothing that is tight to the skin and/or short enough to be revealing, including bikinis and men’s Speedos are regarded as not appropriate for our venue. Camp staff has final say in determining non-compliance.

I will respect God, others and myself by participating in and being on time to all camp activities. Being late infringes on the whole group and dilutes the full enjoyment of camp.

I will respect the camp schedule, others and myself by observing the “lights out and be in bed” time and by only sleeping in the cabin/lodge recorded in the cabin/lodge list. I understand that everyone gets the most out of camp on the foundation of a good night’s sleep. I will only sleep in the same cabin with a person of opposite gender if they are my legal spouse, my sibling, my child / adopted child, or my parent / legal guardian.

I will respect the authority of all responsible people including parents, the camp director, presenters, and group leaders. Joy is created by unity centered on a higher purpose.

I will respect others by not leaving my child under the age of 18 at camp without me unless I have the specific agreement of the camp director or registrar.

I will respect the park by not writing or drawing on any inside or outside walls of any park buildings. I will obey the speed limit (5 mph) within Shehaqua and will not venture outside the grounds of Shehaqua after dark. I will not be in the pool area except at scheduled times.

I will respect God’s Creation by leaving camp in the same or better state than I found it. I will keep camp clean by putting all my garbage in the appropriate place and picking up any garbage I see.

I understand that if I violate any of these commitments I will be asked to take restorative action or, in the case of serious violations, be asked to leave the camp. I further understand that any illegal activity can result in arrest and fines.