Creating a Kitchen Serving and Cleanup Schedule

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The program director is responsible not only to create the kitchen serving and cleanup schedule, but also for printing it and bringing it to camp. You need at least one copy to post near the kitchen for all to see, but it is helpful if you have a copy to give to all group leaders, too. The kitchen serving and cleanup schedule can only be created after the participants groups have been made. Once the education director has the groups assigned, the camp director should create the kitchen serving and cleanup schedule and assign groups for serving and cleaning the dishes and kitchen after each meal. Keep the following points in mind:

  • The Twinkles, Stars, and Moons are too young to be included in the serving and cleaning schedule. Most adults are assigned other jobs, so the serving and cleanup is assigned to the groups of Suns, Comets, Supernovas, Quasars, and possibly Young Adults.
  • Children under 12 years are not allowed in the kitchen and can’t be servers or cleanup crew inside the kitchen. Suns (ages 10–11) can help with cleaning the dining hall (sweeping the floor and wiping tables). That means, however, that a group of Suns always needs to be paired with an older group for cleanup, so that the older kids can do the cleanup work in the kitchen.
  • If groups are really small, they need to be combined with other groups; otherwise they won't be able to accomplish the cleaning or serving job satisfactorily
  • Groups should be rotated to help with different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and different assignments (serving and cleanup) as much as possible.
  • If a group leader has a leading role in an afternoon or evening activity, his/her group should not have to do the cleanup right before that activity.
  • For cleanup after dinner on the night of the Dodgeball Tournament, it’s best to ask for a group of cleanup volunteers who are not involved in the tournament. This way the tournament can start early.
  • Volunteers are also needed for both serving and cleaning at dinner on arrival day, as the groups have not been announced yet at that time. Ask for volunteers during announcements before dinner.
  • The kitchen serving and cleanup schedule should be posted near the kitchen for all to see, and the groups in charge of serving and cleaning should be announced before each meal.

Review a sample cleanup schedule here: File:Kitchen Cleanup Schedule redacted.pdf