Drink Manager

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Needed: 1 person. Heavy lifting required.

Time required: Throughout the day from before breakfast until after dinner; about 6 times for 15-20 minutes each.

The drink manager's assignments include:

  • Refill the water and drink coolers
  • Prepare the drinks and refill the water throughout the day and keep the area clean. The most important times are before each meal, at the start of free time (after sports), and after dinner for those hanging out in the dining room after the evening activities.
  • Keep buckets under the spouts of the water and drink coolers. Mop up any puddles if necessary.
  • Clean the spouts of the water and drink coolers regularly
  • Fill water into the containers for cleaning the cups on the dining hall porch, and replace the water at least 4 times a day. This is important for food safety. Get others to help with this.

The drink manager needs to work as much as possible in the kitchen when the kitchen and cleanup crews are not there. So the barley tea can be made before the lunch crew or the dinner crew come into the kitchen. And the drink table cleaning needs to be done at a different time than the groups wash the dishes.