Family Camp Budget Summary

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Activities (e.g. family fun night, dodgeball): $2 per (active) participant It's highly encouraged for the family fun night planner to buy their materials in advance to be reimbursed so that General Affairs doesn't have to run around the night before.


  • $2 per Twinkle/Star
  • $4 per Moon/Sun/Comet
  • $6 per Supernova+

This is a rough estimate, but the craft director rarely ever has to spend this much, as there are always left-over craft supplies from past years.

Education: $5 per student (for educational materials, prizes, snacks, etc.) In the past, Twinkles didn't need a budget but this will depend on the teacher.

Food: $3.80 per person per meal - includes non-food items used during meals (paper plates, napkins, etc)

Service Project: (Based on needs of the project; budget approved by Council)

General Affairs: As needed, with the understanding that General Affairs will be frugal. Some years, when the only expenses occur from resupplying camp, this cost is low. Other years, pieces of equipment break and need to be repaired or replaced. General Affairs has some room for discretion as long as they are good stewards. As of 06/2022 limits were set regarding General Affairs purchasing ability specifically related to "capital improvements" which would include equipment purchasing and the cost repair certain areas of camp. This does not include items categorized as "supplies" needed for everyday function such as cleaning supplies. The allotted amount is $1000 per year. Also in place is a rule that if the amount spent goes over the budget the overage would be charged to the following year's allotment. No staff member, including General Affairs or Directors should ever be making spending decisions for capital improvements over the budget on their own. Large one-time purchases should ideally be pre-approved by the PFM Board. Please consult the Treasurer if you have questions.

Move-In/Move-Out: Maximum $150 for move-in and $150 for move-out. This budget should be used to treat a big group of helpers to ice cream, pizza, etc, not for cash compensations. However, if it is a very small crew that works particularly hard or if someone has no time to stay for the treat, we' can offer cash as an extra thank-you.

Director's Discretionary Budget: $250. This money is both optional and flexible. It's generally used to help fill in for things like getting situational discounts to help get educators to camp, to pay for unusual activities or to provide more funds to a specific area that needs it. Family Fun night and Dodgeball are covered by the Activities budget and therefore don't use this money.