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Shehaqua Family Camp Circle Description

While all of our programs have a family focus, the family camp is our summer program.

Vision Statement

Make Family Camp the most enriching, fulfilling and deepening experience possible for everyone who attends.

Expectations of Each Circle Member

  • Attend a once per month conference call, approx. 1 hour
  • Be willing to take on a specified role if needed for one year, and otherwise actively contribute to fulfilling the Family Camp Circle responsibilities

Family Camp Circle Responsibilities

  • Find and confirm directors, co-directors, and assistant directors for next year
  • Assign a member of the Family Camp Circle as advisor/liaison for each program
  • Form pool of volunteers for future years
  • Facilitate training/mentoring of new directors
  • Clearly communicate to directors what their job is. Offer advice and help, if needed.
  • Check in with the directors periodically to make sure the camp preparations are on track (key assignments, etc.).
  • Manage feedback to improve future programs (ask program directors for report about their program
  • Update survey
  • Decide the dates for each program. Make sure that secretary of Pocono Family Ministry sends in form to apply for dates in January
  • Develop director focused portions of the Wiki Guidebook
  • Check out the monthly to do list for the Family Camp Circle

Family Camp Circle Roles

  • Administrator
    • Schedule meetings, send out meeting reminders, sends out a mid-meeting reminder about action steps.
  • Facilitator
    • Develops the agenda & asks for input before the meeting, facilitates each meeting, make sure each action step has a clear time goal and person or persons doing it.
  • Council Representative
    • Participates in bi-monthly Shehaqua Council meetings and reports Family Camp Circle updates to the Council.
  • Scribe
    • Primary note taker during each meeting.