Final Letter to Participants Before Camp

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Note to camp director

This letter has been sent to participants by the registrar in the past, but in 2018 the Council decided that this should be the camp director’s responsibility from now on.

This letter contains final instructions that should be sent out to all participants no later than a week before camp starts. If someone registers after the email was sent out, make sure to send it to them, too. New participants in particular will really need this information. You will have to download a few documents first and then attach them to the email before you send it. Also, you will need to fill in some information that is specific to your camp, and maybe delete some information that does not apply to your program (for example, the paragraph about the adventure race). Please read and edit the letter carefully before emailing it. Point 9, the arrival and departure information will also differ for each program. Please check the schedule page on our website for the details for your program.

Here are the documents you should download first and then attach to the email you are sending to the participants:

The Email Text

Hi Shehaqua Family Participants,

Welcome to Family Camp on (dates of camp) at Camp Shehaqua! Here are a few guidelines to help you pack and prepare properly:

1. Hickory Run State Park rules apply to Camp Shehaqua: They mandate, among other things: No pets, not even for day visits. No RV's, campers, pop-ups, or tents allowed.

2. Attached is our Code of Conduct. Please print it, read it, fill it out, and bring it along to registration at camp. Only small children who can't read yet are exempt from completing this form. There will be zero tolerance for people not observing "lights out" and quiet time. Everyone gets the most out of camp on the foundation of a good night's sleep.

3. Special Dietary Needs: (Robin Ashley), our food supply manager, is encouraging you to bring along food items if you are on a special diet or can't eat certain foods. A section in the refrigerator will be made available for storage. The camp kitchen will provide soy milk and almond milk. There will also be a salad bar with plenty of choices in addition to regular meals.

4. Bring warm clothes and warm blankets or sleeping bags for the nights. The temperature can dip drastically at night in the Pocono Mountains, and it can get really cold, even down to the 40’s in the cabins. The mornings can still be cold; you and your children may need warm clothing. Also, bring sheets to cover the mattresses.

5. Please read our "What to Bring" list:

6. Bring old clothes and sneakers for the Adventure Race. The Adventure Race, an obstacle race (inspired by the popular Tough Mudder races), is voluntary and will most likely be open to kids ages 8 and older. Parents are welcome to participate, too. Please make sure that your kids (and you) will bring clothes that can get really muddy. Bring old sneakers, as well, as the course will lead through swampy areas.

7. Directions: -- GPS coordinates to the park office: 41.02428339 N 75.71003025 W. From there, follow the directions in the attached document.

8. Our map of Camp Shehaqua is attached, as well as the printable directions from a near-by highway.

9. Arrival & Departure:

  • When you arrive at Camp Shehaqua, please stop at the office first for your final registration. The office is located in the third building you will see on your left after you enter camp. Please arrive between (time) and (time) on (Day of the week, date). The first meal offered will be dinner at 5:00 pm.
  • If for any reason you will arrive later, please reply to this email with your estimated arrival time, or call me at (put your phone number here).
  • Departure time is around (time) on (Day of the week, date). No lunch can be provided that day.

Have a safe trip. See you soon.

(Your name)