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Needed: 2 people, the general affairs and the assistant general affairs, to take care of practical issues

Physical Capability Required
Long periods of standing good, but not required
Walking long distances yes
Heavy lifting yes

The general affair's assignments include:

  • Fix anything. For example: Put in new light bulbs, fix or put in hooks and latches for bathroom stalls, plunge toilets, find flipped breakers.
  • Buy anything that you need to fix things; anything for the upkeep of camp (paper towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo); anything for the infirmary; and anything for the kitchen. The kitchen gets bulk food deliveries, but sometimes the cook just needs a small amount of something or runs out of something.
  • Be prepared to leave camp for shopping trips every one or two days. This can be delegated to the general affairs assistant. Some shops (Walmart) are about 20 miles from camp; the closest ones are 7 miles (White Haven). Therefore this assignment will not be suitable for someone who comes with small children, but without a spouse.
  • Collect garbage and change garbage bags. Bring garbage every evening after dinner to garbage dumpster. If it's not done in the evenings, the bears are likely to have a good meal, but leave a real mess around and drag some garbage bags into the woods. Camp has a hitch-mount cargo carrier for both 1.25-inch and 2-inch receivers that is for hauling garbage.
  • 38 gallon garbage bags are the ones that fit the garbage cans at camp.
  • Directs:
    • the staging crew
    • the bathroom cleaning crew
    • the kitchen cleanup crew
  • Makes sure the kitchen crew is aware of when they need to be in the kitchen and makes sure they turn up.

The general affairs and the assistant can split up the work however they like. The assistant general affairs could also be the staging team leader.

The general affairs director needs to be familiar with the PA State Park Regulations.