PA State Park Regulations

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Camp Shehaqua is in Hickory Run State Park, controlled by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. As such, Shehaqua Family is bound by state law when using the state park. The relevant law is Title 17 of the PA state code. [1]

Construction or improvements to any building or sign must be approved by the park rangers.

All signs must be temporary and on the rented buildings only.

The following is prohibited without special permission of the park rangers, and Shehaqua Family will generally not entertain doing so.

  • Removal, damage, or defacement of any building or sign.
  • Fundraising.
  • Using a chain saw.
  • Feeding the wildlife.
  • Planting trees.
  • Pyrotechnics.

The following is prohibited.

  • Pets of any kind, regardless of whether they are kept on a leash or in a cage. Service animals are allowed, but the park rangers require advance notice with a description of the animal.
  • Alcohol at any time by persons of any age.
  • Creating a fire outside of an approved fireplace.
  • Leaving an unattended fire burning.
  • Using, possessing uncased, or uncasing firearms, archery equipment, slingshot, or any device capable of propelling a projectile except within a valid range for target shooting.

The park is closed after dark.

  • Except for driving to or from Shehaqua for arrival or departure or for a shopping trip leaving the Shehaqua area which starts at the gate on the gravel road after dark is against the park rule.

New Rule Announced in 2017:

The camp must be under the immediate direction of a trained camp director, a person of mature judgement and at least 25 years of age.