Operations Coordinator

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The responsibilities of the Shehaqua Family Operations Coordinator

  • Appointed by the Shehaqua Family Council (for two years). Becomes a member of Shehaqua Family Council and represents the Operations Team (OT) on the Shehaqua Family Council as long as (s)he serves as Operations Coordinator. Participates in council elections and policy making.

  • Is a member of the OT. Does not necessarily have to facilitate the meetings, but works closely with OT Facilitator and OT Administrator to ensure that regular meetings will be held, all important issues will be discussed, and policies set by the Council will be enacted. A list of the responsibilities of the OT can be found here: https://www.shehaquafamily.org/wiki/index.php/Yearly_To-Do_List_of_Operations_Team

  • Directs the work getting done, holds everybody accountable, makes sure all circles are doing their piece of the job to prepare for the programs. Examples include:
    • Works with all program circles to make sure the search for program directors is on track
    • Connects to program directors once they have been identified and ensures they are getting the support they need from the different circles

  • Facilitates communication between different circles and program directors.

  • Reports to Shehaqua Family Council regularly about the activities of the OT, and immediately if any problems or special situation come up. Communicates with Shehaqua Family Council if (s)he feels that a Council meeting is needed to change or create a policy that affects our overall operations.

  • Cooperates with Shehaqua Family Council to organize governance review and program review meetings such as the Shehaqua Family Summit.