Preparing Coffee and Hot Drinks Guide

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Shehaqua Coffee and Hot Drink Preparation

Caution: The circuit breaker will trip (shut off the electrical flow) if both the coffee machine and hot water dispenser are connected to the same circuit! To avoid this from happening, one device should be connected to an extension cord that connects to a different circuit. One way of doing this is by extending a cord to the electrical outlet near the other kitchen entrance, next to the toaster. The cord can be extended over the rafters.

Coffee Maker Setup

  1. Fill water reservoir by pouring 2.5 pots of cold water into the water trap in front of top burner
  2. Plug in coffee maker to heat up water in reservoir and keep plugged in for entire camp session.
  3. Once reservoir water is hot, cold water poured into the trap forces out already heated water.

Making Coffee

  1. Slide out filter holder & place 2 coffee filters inside
  2. Fill coffee grinder with unground beans and grind for 30 seconds
  3. Pour full contents of ground coffee into filter (if using pre-ground coffee, measure out a heaping half cup of grounds and pour into filter).
  4. Slide filter holder into place above lower burner.
  5. Place an empty coffee pot on lower burner and turn on burner
  6. Fill an empty coffee pot with cold water and empty into the water trap.
  7. Empty contents of freshly brewed pot of coffee into the coffee pump carafe (if there’s room) in order to be able to brew more coffee.

Hot Water Dispenser Setup & Replenishment

  1. Fill hot water dispenser with cold water
  2. Plug in hot water dispenser
  3. Allow 30 minutes for water to heat
  4. For immediate use and/or for replenishing hot water during “waking hours,” preheat water by pouring a coffee pot of cold water through the coffee machine without placing a filter into the filter holder, and pour contents of heated water into the hot water dispenser.