The Storage

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Picture of the storage when full

The storage is where Shehaqua Family keeps a large amount of equipment and supplies.


The storage unit is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. The ceiling is approximately 8 feet high in the front and about 13 feet high in the back.

The storage has 6 shelving units on each side, for a total of 12 shelving units. The shelving units are Home Depot HDX Model # 17601471. Each shelving unit has 5 shelves, or 4 enclosed shelves and a shelf on top that is open to the ceiling. The external dimensions of each shelf, when facing it, are 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep. There is 14 and 7/8 inches of space between the top of one shelf and the bottom of the shelf above it. Between the legs, there is 32 inches of free space in the width direction and 20 inches of free space in the depth direction.


  • Food and kitchen equipment in the shelves on the right.
    • Food is close to the entrance.
  • Crafts, office, and small general supplies are in the shelves on the left.
    • Crafts near the middle.
    • Sound system in the front.
  • Crates on top of the shelves on the right.
  • Miscellaneous light items (water coolers, racks, disposable plates/cups, fans) on top of the shelves on the left.
  • Everything else on the floor.
    • Speakers, brooms, and ladders in the front.
    • Soap, games, and sports equipment in the middle.