Who We Are

Shehaqua Family is an independent, grassroots organization inspired by the life and ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Sung Myung Moon. What started as a weekend camping trip in 1995 by a few families has slowly grown into a three-week program for large groups of families in rustic cabins in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, held every year in late July/early August. Over time, other programs have been added for fall, winter, and spring.


Our Programs

Family Camp in summer is the biggest and oldest event organized by the Shehaqua Family, but newer events, such as the Harvest Festival, Winter Retreat, and Spring Gathering have been growing steadily, too. Except for the Winter Retreat, all these programs take place at Camp Shehaqua, located in Hickory Run State Park in northern Pennsylvania. While we are working hard to make all our programs family-friendly for families with kids of all ages, it should be noted that the Spring Gathering and Harvest Festival attract more young adults than families. For the most family-centered experience, visit our Family Camp in summer.

2012 saw the introduction of a new program, the Shehaqua Vision Quest for young, aspiring leaders. Another addition is the Health Retreat (held for the first time in 2011), a special education track offered during Shehaqua Family Camp in summer, and during the Winter Retreat.

The Family Comes First

The Shehaqua Family Camp in summer offers families spiritually enriching activities that include presentations, nature, sports, crafts, music, and social activities. What sets the Shehaqua Family Camp apart from most other camps are programs designed for the whole family, not just children of a certain age. Shehaqua programs strengthen family ties, and all family members usually leave camp with a renewed appreciation for each other based on their shared experience of God-centered relationships and the purity of nature. We are working hard to make our other programs centered around the family, as well.

We invite you learn more about our programs on the pages of this website.


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Summer Programs Dates Staff
Opening Service Weekend July 22-24 Director: Sunkwon Bush
Week 1 July 24-29 Directors: Doug Ashley & Leighton DeGoede
Weekend 1.5 July 29-31 Director: Mike Stewart
Week 2 Aug. 1-6 Directors: Claude Aubert &
Kristine Learey
Education directors: Laura Herbers & Kyra Moyer

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Do you feel restricted? Are there things holding you back from reaching your full potential? Maybe it's student loans. Maybe it's your relationships with your parents. Or maybe it's an old sports injury. This spring, challenge those limitations through an interactive, insightful, and experience driven weekend.

This year, the Spring Gathering wants to help you gain Spiritual/Emotional, Financial, and Physical freedom! Experienced presenters will share on aspects of Spiritual and Emotional, Financial, and Physical well being. Whether it's creating a healthier body, or a healthier marriage, we'll be talking about how to live our best life for ourselves and God. Presentations are geared towards high school through adult, but don't worry, there's plenty of fun for the whole family!

Laurel Nakai has come on board as the children's coordinator. Young kids will have a chance to take part in games and activities, and have a fun and safe place to stay while mom and dad check out a few of the sessions.

We're so excited to bring some fresh ideas and new content, to the place we all know and love. So mark May 20-22nd as: "Shehaqua Spring Gathering: freedom" in your calendar! Find out more about the program and activities on our facebook page. Click "Interested" or "Going" to make sure you don't miss an update! Can't wait to see you there!

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Oliver Noll, Director; Andrew Love, Assistant Director; Kester Wilkening, Advisor; Victor Servito, Education Director; Laurel Nakai, Young Family Organizer