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Subject:Shehaqua: Save the Date, Spring Registration Open, T-shirt pre-orders
Date:Mar 11, 2017 - 9 pm


Saturday March 11, 2017

We are thrilled to welcome the newest council members, Denthew Leary, Felicitas Moyer, and Michael Stewart, to the Shehaqua Council. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Save the Date for the Shehaqua Programs!

Mark your calendar with these dates! The dates for our rental have been confirmed by the State Park. The official dates for Shehaqua Family Programs 2017 are:

  • Spring Gathering: May 19—21
  • Family Camp Week 1: July 23—28
  • Family Camp Week 2: July 31—Aug. 5
  • Harvest Festival: Sept. 15—17
  • Shehaqua Summit: Oct. 6—8

Registration for Summer will open soon, and registration for Spring Gathering is open NOW! Stay tuned for more updates about each program.

Registration for Spring Gathering Open

Freedom is around the corner! Get the tools that you need to make a ROADMAP to your own personal freedom. Get rid of those student loans. Develop and improve your relationships with your parents. Tackle that health issue you've been avoiding. This spring, challenge your own personal limitations through an interactive, insightful, and experience driven weekend.

This year, the Spring Gathering wants to help you build a Spiritual/Emotional, Financial, and Physical ROADMAP! Experienced presenters will share on aspects of Spiritual and Emotional, Financial, and Physical well being. Whether it's creating a healthier body, or a healthier marriage, we'll be talking about how to live our best life for ourselves and God. Presentations are geared towards high school through adult, but don't worry, there's plenty of fun for the whole family!

Laurel Nakai has come on board as the Young Families coordinator. Young kids will have a chance to take part in games and activities, and have a fun and safe place to stay while mom and dad check out a few of the sessions.

We're so excited to bring some fresh ideas and new content, to the place we all know and love. So mark May 19–21 as: "Shehaqua Spring Gathering: Freedom" in your calendar! Find out more about the program and activities on our facebook page. Click "Interested" or "Going" to make sure you don't miss an update! Can't wait to see you there!

Click here to register.

Core Organization Team:

Oliver Noll
Laurel Nakai
Jake Mas
Janina Freystaetter
Kyra Moyer

Congratulations to Our Winners of the T-Shirt Design Contest

(Visit our Facebook page if you would like to see the designs in bigger size)

1st Place: Claude Aubert's owl family design, with 35 points.

2nd Place Tie: Meta Learey (both the camp scene and the bear outline) and Kyra Moyer (deep roots), all with 21 points

Our top 3 Facebook "Like" getters were: Andrew Makowski, Leona Lipowcan, and Claude Aubert

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest: Claude Aubert, Aiwa Hunter, Meta Learey, Jamin Lipowcan, Leona Lipowcan, Luke Lipowcan, Andrew Makowski, Kyra Moyer, Melani Sleder

The voting was very close given the wonderful entries this year. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Pre-order Your 2017 Shehaqua T-Shirt

The 2017 Shehaqua T-Shirt was designed by Claude Aubert. The shirt comes in colors "blue dusk" for adults and navy blue for youth sizes (blue dusk was not available for youth sizes) and will be available at the Spring Gathering and at Family Camp in summer.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your size will be available, unless you pre-order the shirt at the time of registration for Spring Gathering or Family Camp. Spring Gathering orders are due by April 20, orders for Family Camp are due by June 25.

Available sizes (must preorder):
Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Youth S, M, L
Price: $10 for all T-Shirts