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Subject:Shehaqua Family Camp Registration Open
Date:Apr 2, 2017 - 6 pm


Sunday April 2, 2017

Family Camp Registration is Open

Spring is in the air! The birds are busy building their nests, and families are planning their summer vacations. We hope you'll make Shehaqua part of your plan this year. Registration for Summer Family Camp is now open! Don't forget to pre-order your t-shirts to make sure you get the right size, and join us for Spring Gathering, May 19-21.

Take a closer look at the exciting things you can expect from our programs this year and find out more at

Come Join us for Week One

July 23–28

As always, there will be S'mores, Dodgeball, Family Fun Night, and free time out in nature. In addition, we're pleased to announce a variety of programs for Week 1 including the following tracks:

  • Interactive Divine Principle and theme-based education for Youth
  • Young Families Track led by Laurel Nakai
  • Dynamic Governance For Your Community led by Christoph & Kester Wilkening
  • Peer-led Talks & Discussion for the Adult Group and Young Adults Group based on the Week's theme

The theme for Week 1 this year is "Inside Out"!

  • Strive to understand our everyday faith and bring our individual God-given nature to our relationships
  • Seek to see how we're all connected and honor the divinity in those around us
  • Expand this idea of a heartistic, principled, authentic family to the larger community and world

Call for submissions for the Young Adult and Adult discussion groups - contact Naomi Bush for more information (email [email address redacted]).

We hope to see you there!

–Week 1 Organizing Team:
Kester Wilkening, Naomi Bush, Denthew Learey, Laurel Nakai, Liz Stewart, Sunkwon Bush, and Leighton Degoede

Connect to Your Roots at Week 2

July 31–Aug. 5

Week 2 will be lead by the powerful team of co-directors Kristine Learey and Margaret Herbers. We are planning many exciting activities, such as the Family Fun Night and campfire with s'Mores, Candle Light Prayer, Talent Night, swimming, hiking, crafts, dodgeball, and more. And back by popular demand: The Adventure Race!

The theme of Week 2 is "Connect to Your Roots." Co-education directors Kyra Moyer and Melissa Manor will facilitate interactive, hands-on learning and personal growth for our youth. There will be age-appropriate activities and discussions to dive deeper into understanding our "roots." Our families shape who we become, and having strong, healthy connections is important. From there we can expand to our communities and the world as our extended family.

Meaningful presentations for the adults are also being planned, and more details will be announced in the next newsletter.

Register today!

Follow your Road Map to Spring Gathering

May 19–21

This year, the Spring Gathering wants to help you build a Spiritual/Emotional, Financial, and Physical ROADMAP! Experienced presenters will share on aspects of Spiritual and Emotional, Financial, and Physical well being. Whether it's creating a healthier body, or a healthier marriage, we'll be talking about how to live our best life for ourselves and God. Presentations are geared towards high school through adult, but don't worry, there's plenty of fun for the whole family!

Laurel Nakai has come on board as the Young Families coordinator. Young kids will have a chance to take part in games and activities, and have a fun and safe place to stay while mom and dad check out a few of the sessions.

We're so excited to bring some fresh ideas and new content, to the place we all know and love. Check out our facebook page and click "Interested" or "Going" to make sure you don't miss an update! Ready to register? You can do that here!

Core Organization Team: Oliver Noll, Laurel Nakai, Jake Mas, Janina Freystaetter, and Kyra Moyer

Don't Forget to Pre-order Your 2017 T-Shirt

The 2017 Shehaqua T-Shirt was designed by Claude Aubert. The shirt comes in colors "blue dusk" for adults and navy blue for youth sizes (blue dusk was not available for youth sizes) and will be available at the Spring Gathering and at Family Camp in summer.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your size will be available, unless you pre-order the shirt at the time of registration for Spring Gathering or Family Camp. Spring Gathering orders are due by April 20, orders for Family Camp are due by June 25.

Available sizes (must preorder):
Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Youth S, M, L
Price: $10 for all T-Shirts

Log in to the Registration System to pre-order.