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Subject:Shehaqua: Family Camp June Discount Ending & Other News
Date:Jun 23, 2018 - 5 pm


Saturday June 23, 2018

Week 2 is Full, Week 1 and the Weekend Still Have Some Space! Only a Few More Days to Register!

The last deadline before the fees go up is fast approaching, so if you've been waiting for the right time to register, THIS IS IT! Register and pay by June 30. Week 2 is already booked out, but Week 1 and the Weekend still have some room.

Summer Programs Dates Staff
Week 1 July 22–27 Director: Kester Wilkening
Assistant Director: Daniel Mizutani
Education Director: Sunkwon Bush
Weekend July 27–29 Director: Daniel Hess
Education Director: Kyra Moyer

Find out more about programs, fees, and register at our website.

Family Camp Independent from Sanctuary Church

A number of people have approached us recently and asked if there is any connection between the Shehaqua Family and the Sanctuary Church. The answer is no, Shehaqua is not associated with the Sanctuary Church in any way. Members of the Sanctuary Church are welcome to participate in Shehaqua programs, just like anyone else, and the same rules that applies to everyone also apply to them: We do not allow public promotion or printed advertising of another organization or organization's events (Unification-Church-related or not) at Shehaqua Family programs.

Shehaqua Family is an independent, grassroots organization inspired by the life and ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. As a group of Unificationist families, we are proud to welcome people of all faiths and are not affiliated with any particular group or denomination. We are financially self-sufficient, run by unpaid volunteers, and we elect our own leaders and officials from among our volunteers.