State Law

The following is an incomplete list of what is prohibited by the park rules.

  • Pets of any kind (service animals are OK)
  • RV's, campers, pop-ups, or tents inside Shehaqua
  • Fireworks and firecrackers
  • Fishing without a permit
  • Alcohol


The deadlines are listed on the fees page for each program. Please be aware of the deadlines. The fees are cheaper the earlier you pay, with the deadlines being the jumping points. If you miss the deadline because of a legitimate technical difficulty, please email the registrar before the deadline passes.

Also, you do not need to send checks by express mail, we use the postmark date. Still, it's best to send the check early.


We expect kids and parents to attend all the activities in their respective workshop and follow the basic schedule. Our workshops have ample free time and we encourage friendships and give and take between kids and adults. This does not mean that exclusive relationships or unprincipled ones will be allowed. Specifically, this means no boys and girls hanging out together outside of their regular groups. This also means being on time and participating in the activities. This includes dressing appropriately and modestly at all times.

You can view the "Golden Rules" of Family Camp here.

Adoption & Young Adults

Sometimes, a child under 18 may want to come to camp, but the parents are unable to. In this case, we allow another family to take the parent role for that child during camp, or "adopt" the child during camp. The full explanation is here.

Young adults who are 18 years old or older at the start of camp can come without the parents. These young adults may be expected to help with camp maintenance, sometimes taking a job that would be otherwise filled by an adult.

If a week of Camp is full

If a week of Camp is full, you can either register for the waiting list or go to a different week. Often we have one week full while another has several empty spaces.

Should you decide to register for the waiting list, please pay in full and wait. If some space is made, you will be transferred to the regular list and notified. If no space is available, then your money will be refunded. However, you can also transfer to a different camp before June 30th by notifying the Registrar, who will give you further instructions.

Parking and driving during camp

Once you have unloaded your personal belongings at your cabin, please park your car in one of several central locations (we'll tell you about these when you arrive). Plan to walk to and from all the activities, unless you have a medical condition. The camp roads are small, rough and narrow. They cannot handle heavy traffic. CAUTION: There is a 5 mph speed limit on all the roads of camp. For more information about it, please click here.

Fishing and other activities

We have not planned any fishing expeditions, but we are very close the Lehigh River and other good fishing locations. If your family wants to do this on their own during our free times or before or after camp, you are welcome. You will need to contact the Park Office regarding a fishing permit. This is the park's website, with a phone number and email.

Other Policies

Safety Policy

Adoption Policy

Visitor Policy