Daily Schedule

Family Camp is planned around the family. The kids participate in activities and the parents staff the camp. To keep camp costs low, each parent signs up for an assignment that usually does not take up more than three hours per day. Short descriptions of these staff assignments can be found here.

The kids are grouped by age for most activities:

  • Twinkles (Pre-K, K)
  • Stars (grades 1–2)
  • Moons (grades 3–4)
  • Suns (grades 5–6)
  • Comets (grades 7–8)
  • Supernovas (grades 9 and above)
  • Quasars (age 17 and above)

The families start each day with a short prayer service together with the other families in their unit (see more about units in Facilities), and then head to breakfast in the Dining Hall. After breakfast, all the kids attend presentations based on the Divine Principle. We offer optional discussions and other activities for adults.

Songs are sung before each meal and activity. We encourage you to bring your own guitar to camp. We provide songbooks with guitar chords, so you do not need to bring your own.

After lunch, the kids participate with their groups in crafts, sports, hiking, or service projects. Older kids assigned to groups will lead their groups to the various afternoon activities. The second half of the afternoon is free time. Weather permitting, the swimming pool is open during this time. Lifeguards are on duty whenever the pool is open.

There is a volleyball field next to the Dining Hall. Dodge ball is very popular at Camp Shehaqua, and other sports are offered depending on the availability of sports coordinators.

Special activities are planned for each day after dinner, such as a candlelight prayer, games, campfire singing or talent presentation. Many of these activities are done by groups, and parents are encouraged to participate or assist in them with their children. Click here for a sample schedule from a previous year.