Visitor Policy


Sometimes a parent who could not attend the full Camp has an opportunity to visit for a day, or a friend you know visits Camp for a short while. We welcome such visits, but at the same time we realize that such visitors consume food, which raises costs for everyone who does pay. Therefore, we ask that each visitor pay a daily rate to offset this (listed on the fees page). Also, we require that:

  1. Visitors are responsible for following all camp rules, and are expected to participate in the activities.
  2. Visitors must come on the invitation of a registered attendee. The person who invited the visitor is responsible for informing the visitors about the rules.
  3. The person who invited the visitor is responsible for letting the current Camp Director know that the visitor is at Camp.
  4. Please pay the Registrar when you arrive. You will need to fill out a visitors' form stating who you are and how long you will be there, and who invited you.
  5. Ask the Registrar which cabins are available, if you are staying overnight. Sometimes a cabin is empty, but has been assigned to someone who is coming later. We also need to know where people are sleeping in the event of an emergency.

If you have any questions, please ask the registrar.