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Shehaqua Harvest Festival


The Harvest Festival is a weekend-gathering that takes place in mid-September at Camp Shehaqua in Hickory Run State Park. There are activities for the whole family. In the past they have included candle making, tie dying, pumpkin painting, corn husk doll making, watermelon eating contests, foot races, and log throwing competitions. Arguably the most popular activity is the hoedown with square dancing on Saturday night. For the last few years a live band provided the dance music while a professional caller guided the dancers.

Presentations include internal guidance and a spiritual message on Sunday morning.

The Harvest Festival started in 2009 and has been growing ever since.

Watch our video from the 2013 Harvest Festival

Latest News

The time has come again for this year's annual Harvest Festival hosted by Camp Shehaqua! It will be co-hosted by Denthew Learey and Gabby Hochmuth from September 15th-17th! This event has always been my personal favorite amongst the Shehaqua events, because it comes with such a rich spirit and atmosphere. There's something so special about being bundled up in a warm flannel in the natural, cool air with some good company.

The Harvest Festival has the perfect atmosphere for personal reflection, gratitude, and a whole lot of fun! This year we'll be hosting a live band with square dancing as well as many other festive games and activities that are fun for the whole family! Come and enjoy this year's Harvest Festival with us, and kick off the Autumn season the right way! We will be looking forward to seeing you there!

–Denthew Learey

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