Code of Conduct

We follow the Golden Rule at Shehaqua Family Camp to guarantee everyone's safety and comfort: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. To a fully mature person, no further explanation is required, but because Shehaqua campers come in a variety of ages and levels of maturity and understanding, we found it necessary to develop a more detailed Code of Conduct.

You might laugh at some of the rules (when was the last time you brought a stink bomb to camp?), or wonder why we even have to mention them (don't bring any illegal drugs), but experience has taught us that they are not obvious to everyone. These rules were written in response to incidents that happened in the past.

Please take the time to read this Code of Conduct carefully. If you are a parent, please explain the rules to your kids in a way they can fully understand.

Please print a copy, sign it, have any other family members coming with you also sign it, and bring it with you. Otherwise you'll be asked to read and sign a copy before your final registration at camp.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This is the printable form