Safety Policy

For the safety of all the people at Shehaqua, there are several safety rules.

Any illegal or otherwise dangerous activities can result in one person, several people, or a whole family being expelled from camp without refund, and/or banned from coming again. Illegal activities, including those not listed here, will be reported to park officials. Park rules can be found in the PDF document at the bottom of this page.

Shehaqua Family, Pocono Family Ministries, or the PA park system is not responsible for any loss of property.

Drive Slowly

There is a 5 mph speed limit on all the roads of camp (that is, all the gravel roads). This is a safety measure that is strictly enforced by the Park Rangers. You can be ticketed for violations. A general rule we encourage is that your car should not be going faster than you can walk.

Do not play with knives

Since knives can be dangerous if used wrongly, playing with knives is strictly forbidden by the camp management. You can have your knife confiscated if you play with knives in a manner which can be dangerous to others.

Do not play with pyrotechnics

It is against the law in Pennsylvania state parks to use or even carry fireworks, firecrackers, bombs, or other pyrotechnic devices. Anyone who brings them into Camp Shehaqua can and will be sent out of the camp and not allowed to attend again.

Children under 10 must be with an adult to go in the pool

Children under 10 cannot go in the pool unless they are accompanied by an adult (the adult does not have to be the child's parent) who will be responsible for them. The lifeguard is charged with making sure all children under 10 are accompanied by an adult, and can refuse to allow an unaccompanied child in the pool area.

Keep food out of the cabins

Bears live in Shehaqua, and will ransack cabins to get food from them. Leave any food in your car to keep it away from them, and leave the windows rolled all the way up to keep them from breaking in.

Leave valuables in your car

We recommend you to lock any valuables such as computers or cameras in the car. The camp can be accessed from the road by anyone.

Stay away from bears

Although bears are cute, they are extremely dangerous if they feel threatened. Be sure you keep away from them.