Fall Festival 2009

At the Family Fall Festival, there are activities for everyone.

Re-Charge & Take Charge Guided Discussions-Sat, Sept. 19

Starting the school year off right, with God by your side is the goal of these educational programs. Guided discussions, lead by skilled presenters will permit all participants to listen, be heard and come away with a plan for your school year. There will be discussion groups for every age group, from elementary school to college and adults.

Hoe Down

On Saturday night there will be a Square Dance in the Rec Hall.


We will have volleyball and dodgeball games for anyone who wants to play.

Intentional Communities

In this era of settlement, we will consider and discuss co-housing and more permanent communities that can enhance our life and faith and that of our families. For more information on this, contact Sue Stoia at 302-250-6366 or 302-791-0246.

Camp De-Briefing Meetings

Organizations learn by making plans and then evaluating what worked and what did not. To participate in this session, bring your thoughts, ideas and positive attitude. Over the years, these meetings have significantly improved every aspect of our programs.

Want to host a special meeting of your own? Contact Rob Sayre.

For those who can help setup on Friday or close down on Sunday morning, we provide discounted fees for the weekend. Contact Rob Sayre.

If you can help the cook in the kitchen we will also provide discounted fees. Call Elke Noll about this at 845-477-0767.

For questions about the educational program, please contact Gregg Noll or Sally Sayre.

We may be adding more activities as more people confirm that they are coming, so come back to this page soon.

The prices for the Harvest Hoedown and Family Fall Festival include the program, food, and lodging.

There is a $10 per person on-site registration fee. Please note that the registration system will be closed down in the early morning of Friday, September 18, so you will need to register in advance to avoid the on-site registration fee. Any registrations that are not on the registration system is considered on-site and are subject to the on-site registration fee.

Adults $40
Students Ages 16-22 $30
Children Ages 6-15 $15
Children Age 5 and under $0

Young adults who are 18 and older may come without a parent.

Children who are under 18 may come with someone else's parent. This is called an "adoption." The child and the "adoptive" parent should know each other. Some of the basic rules about adoption are:

  1. The adoptive parent is regarded as the parent in all respects while the child is at the Family Fall Festival. This means that the adoptive parent may be called to discipline the child, should the need arise.
  2. No more than two adopted children per family.
  3. The adopting family needs only one parent attending. That parent must be at camp the entire time the adopted child is at camp.

If you have any questions about registering, contact Nathaniel Ching.