Financial Aid

Note: Financial Aid is only available for the Shehaqua Family Camp (in summer) and the Winter Retreat.

We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in our programs, and we recognize that families or individuals sometimes face true financial hardships. As a healthy community, we have some financial reserves to help those in need.

Our only source of funding is the program fees we ask our participants to pay—we have no other source of funding. Therefore, the maximum amount of financial aid we can offer is 50% of the regular program fee. A financial aid committee will evaluate each aid request.

Rules for Financial Aid

  1. In order to receive financial aid, a Financial Aid Request Form must be submitted to the financial aid committee by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The committee will determine the Shehaqua Family’s offer and communicate it to the person requesting the aid.
  2. All applications must be submitted ten days before the start of the program at the latest. In summer, the deadline to submit the request is ten days before the start of Week 1 of Shehaqua Family Camp.
  3. Deferred payment plans are preferred over regular discounts. Deferred payments can be granted even after the financial aid application deadline.
  4. Financial aid and deferred payment transactions are strictly confidential. We expect that confidentiality will be kept by the person receiving aid as well as by the Shehaqua Family Financial Committee.

Apply here

We will contact you and ask you to give more details to finish the application process.