We've updated the website. The biggest changes are the new tour of Shehaqua Family Camp and the online education booklets.

One other change is that we can actually change the banner for different sections of the site. Right now, that's not happening because we don't have enough banners for the Winter Retreat, Spring Gathering, or Fall Festival. But if someone would like to create one, here are the specs:

  • The size is 1050 pixels by 150 pixels.
  • The logo is not part of the banner, but the words "Live for Joy" are. If you're on a different section of the site, then the words can be replaced (e.g. "Shehaqua Winter Retreat").
  • Please send the webmaster a high resolution copy as well as a web-sized version, in case we expand the header.

If you notice anything wrong with this website, feel free to contact the the webmaster.


Registration for the Shehaqua Fall Festival 2010 is now open! Please go to www.Live4Joy.org/register to sign up.

Dates: Saturday, Sept. 25 to Sunday, Sept 26. Five meals are provided: breakfast Saturday through lunch Sunday.

Prices: $40 per person,  $20 for children 8 and under, with a maximum of $100 per family - you do not have to pay more than $100 for your entire family. Prices will be raised after Sunday, Sept. 19th.