While we have continued to keep the possibility alive that camp could move forward and have taken steps to be ready if the opportunity arrived, the number one factor we must honor is the well-being of our campers and volunteers in running a camp during this time. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the decision-making process and helped us to assess the risk level of trying to open camp this year.

As of Saturday May 30th, we learned that Hickory Run State Park is officially closing Camp Shehaqua for the rest of the summer. Here is a summary of the program updates with more details in the sections below.

  • Week 1 is now virtual – July 18 to July 20. Family Camp Week 1 has converted to a virtual program called Shehaqua Refresh. See more details in the next section.
  • Week 2 team is organizing tent-camping by families – July 27 to July 30. Sally Sayre and Daniel Hess are coordinating tent camping by family at Hickory Run State Park’s group campsites, which are still open. See details below under "In-person tent camping".
  • Music Meetup Weekend (in-person) has been cancelled. If we open a virtual meetup, we will communicate the details soon.

In order for all of the Shehaqua Family to have the option to connect while staying safe at their comfort level, the volunteer organizers of Week 1 and Week 2 have come up with alternatives—both in-person and virtual, for these events. We hope you’ll enjoy!