2012 Schedule

For all weeks of Camp, if you are traveling a long distance and find it more convenient to arrive the day before the scheduled arrival date, it may be possible to do so. Please contact the registrar and let him know. You will be asked to pay for food.

Sessions of Camp

at Shehaqua

Note that Week 2 is one day longer than Week 1 and Week 3. Also, Week 3 has a special focus on younger families, and it has a Health Retreat run by Gregg Noll.

  Arrive at Leave at Camp
Week 1 1 - 3pm on Sunday, July 22 11:00am on Friday, July 27 Leighton De Goede Sally Sayre
Week 1.5 Afternoon of Friday, July 27 Evening of Sunday, July 29 Michael Bonini Michael Stewart
Week 2 1 - 3 pm on Monday, July 30 11:00am on Sunday, August 5 Kester Wilkening
Assistant: Teo Wilkening
Igraine Convery
Week 3 1 - 3 pm on Monday, August 6 11:00am on Saturday, August 11 Rev. Shota Iwasaki In Sook Spacek

If you are completely new to the Shehaqua experience, first take the tour. For any remaining questions, Haydee Ching is the hospitality coordinator for all of the above events.

To find out who else has registered for each week of camp, log in and check out the List of Families Attending.

A taste of Family Camp - the weekend

There will be an organized weekend for those who want to visit Camp Shehaqua for only a weekend. Attendees will arrive on the afternoon of Friday, July 27, and will leave in the evening of Sunday, July 29. The fees will be approximately half of the regular weekly fee.

Note: If you pay for both weeks, the weekend is free, although you must register for it. See the fees page.


When does camp end?

The regular sessions of Family Camp officially end after breakfast on the last listed day indicated above. However, we do ask your help in cleaning up the campground before departing. If everyone pitches in, we can have the majority of the work done by 11am. We will be assigning Camp cleanup projects the evening before or at breakfast.