We hope everyone's summers were filled with unforgettable memories and that you are looking forward to this new school year and all that it has to offer. As a new schedule sets in, it is important to take the time to see where we are in our lives of faith, and to connect to our family and community. We hope you can all join us at Camp Shehaqua for Fall Festival 2012! We have a great time each year reconnecting and participating in fun Fall activities for all ages (candle-dipping, pumpkin carving, log toss, family activities, and a pumpkin pie and watermelon eating contest!), fellowship and education for young adults, and discussions for parents. Please dress in your best country western outfit (plaid shirts, cowboy boots and hats, long jeans, bandannas ect.) and be ready for a night of dancing! We would like to continue the tradition of a pot-luck dessert table, so please bake a tasty treat for everyone to share! We want to encourage everyone to BRING A FRIEND! Anyone can benefit from a weekend surrounded by the beauty of nature and wonderful brothers and sisters. The event takes place Friday, September 21 - 23, 2012. Sign up online at www.shehaquafamily.org/register. We look forward to seeing y'all soon!

Kyra Moyer and Jana Iparraguirre