2011 Shehaqua Fall Festival & Hoedown

This is to announce the Shehaqua Fall Festival on September 23rd - 25th. Take a break from school or work, come on Friday night, and have a weekend full of fun and internal refreshment! Here's an outline of the schedule:

  • Friday night
    • No dinner (no time to cook after setting up)
    • 7:00 pm - Campfire, s'mores and entertainment
  • Saturday
    • Morning
      • Internal guidance
    • Afternoon
      • Watermelon eating contest
      • Candle dipping
      • Pumpkin painting and carving
    • Harvest feast (dinner)
      • Potluck Desserts
    • Hoedown
      • LIVE BAND
      • Country music
      • Country dancing, including square dance
      • Everyone dress up!
  • Sunday
    • Internal morning
    • Lunch
    • Close down

Don't forget to bring:

  1. POTLUCK DESSERT: Bring your most amazing, favorite, scrumptious homemade dessert to share with everyone!
  2. DRESS UP FOR HOEDOWN: Country attire (plaid shirts, long skirts, boots, hats, handkerchief, suspenders, etc :). Bring some to spare to share!
  3. Knives for pumpkin carving (if you want to take part in it).

Registration is open. Please register at our registration system. Early bird prices are $40 / person, and 50% off for children 8 and younger. The maximum family price is $125 - immediate families only. Prices will be raised to $50 / person and $150 max / family after September 18th.