We are glad to announce the first Shehaqua T-shirt Design Contest with exciting cash prizes! In the past the Shehaqua Family has produced one or two new T-shirts every year and primarily sold them at Shehaqua Family Camp in summer. For the past five years, one of the designs was the Pocono Family logo (compass) and the other a line drawing of an animal. This year we are looking for a fresh design, and we are turning to you for help.

The only element that is required to be part of your design is the words "Shehaqua Family." Everything else is up to you. Express your creativity!

Submit your idea for a Shehaqua Family T-shirt by March 31. All submissions will be presented to a panel of six or seven judges who will choose a winner. The judges consist of active Shehaqua Family campers, and they vary in age from middle school student to grandparent and represent both genders. Their criteria for judging each design are how much it expresses the spirit of the Shehaqua Family programs, how original it is, and how artistically accomplished it is.

The winner of the Shehaqua T-shirt design contest will get a check of $100. The second- and third-place winner will get a check of $50 each, and the fourth- and fifth-place-winner will each win one of our brand new T-shirts.

Please read our rules for all the details.

Nathaniel Ching,
Contest Coordinator