Our yearly Shehaqua Council Election is coming up in February 2016. Six out of the nine seats on the Council will open up, and they will either be filled by present Council members running for re-election or new candidates like you. Please consider nominating yourself and running for election! This is a special opportunity to serve the Shehaqua Family.

What does the Shehaqua Council do? The Council creates or modifies policies that govern all Shehaqua programs; approves Shehaqua Family program plans and budgets; and selects the Operations Team Facilitator.

What will you commit to if you get elected? Serve for a two-year turn; attend bi-monthly council meetings through Zoom video conference calls (about 90 minutes long); attend a one-day summit in spring in person; be prepared to serve on the Council as facilitator, administrator, or scribe if need arises.

Who is qualified to be on the Council? To qualify for the election, you must have attended at least two Shehaqua programs in the last three years; have demonstrated involvement at Shehaqua programs (for example, helped with a volunteer assignment at camp, or worked as a member of a circle); be at least 17 years old; and have a sincere desire to serve the Shehaqua Family.

Ready to run? You can sign up right here.

Nominating Someone Else. If you can't run yourself, but would like to nominate someone else you think is qualified, we welcome that. There are two ways to do this: You can send the potential candidate a personal email and encourage them to sign up online.

Or you can download this form (a Word document) and send it to them to complete and email back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The information on the application form is the same as online.

The deadline for nominations is January 2, 2016. More about the election process in a future newsletter.