Below are bio's of all the candidates running for the Shehaqua Council this year.

Claude Aubert Claude Aubert and his wife, Satomi, and their daughter, Naomi, first experienced the Shehaqua Family Camp in 2008. Since then, the Aubert family has participated in the Summer Family Camp and Winter Retreat every year. Claude was a Family Camp co-director in 2014 and 2015, and over the years he has been involved in marketing, songbook production, newsletter editing, social media promotion, and video production for the Shehaqua Family. He served as Council facilitator for one year, and is currently the Council administrator. He is also the facilitator of the Media & Communications Circle. Claude works as production designer for a think tank in Washington, DC, and lives in Greenbelt, MD. (Claude is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)
Doug Ashley Doug Ashley and his wife, Beverly (Robin), and son Geoff have attended Shehaqua Family Camp since 2010—an immediate “We’re coming back!” on Geoff's list. Doug is an active member of the Financial Circle. Carolina-born, New York-trained and graduated from the University of Washington, Doug has crafted a career as a journalist, small business entrepreneur, investor and aspiring youth basketball coach. He and his family live in his hometown of Chesapeake, VA. (Doug is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)
Chris Bush Chris Bush has attended, along with family members, at least one Shehaqua program every year since summer of 1999. He has served in the following volunteers positions: Group leader, hike leader, staging, general affairs, and Family Camp Co-Director. In addition, for the last 4 years he has been serving as liaison to managing relationships with Hickory Run State Park and 4H, and he also has been a procurer/negotiator of facilities for the Winter Retreat. Chris has served on 3 Shehaqua Circles, as well as on the Shehaqua Council. Chris is proud to be a part of such a wonderful program and group of people! (Chris is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)
Sunkwon Bush Sunkwon Bush has attended Shehaqua Family Camp almost since the beginning—16 years straight. During that time he has made many friends and grown up surrounded by the Shehaqua culture. He has been a group leader repeatedly, as well as educator for the Stars (grades 1–2) during his college years. Sunkwon has been a camp director three years in a row, and is currently the facilitator of the Logistics Circle, as well as an active Family Camp Circle member. Additionally, he has served on the Shehaqua Council for over a year and is presently the Council scribe. (Sunkwon is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)
Haydee Ching Haydee Ching and her husband, Chris, have six sons: Nathaniel, Nolan, David, Geoffrey, Galen, and Richard. Since 1996, they have attended Shehaqua Family Camp plus most of the other events every year. Haydee served as teacher for young children, group advisor, hike leader, drink manager, camp store manager, hospitality coordinator, registrar, bookkeeper, financial team member, camp close-up person, and guinea pig for the webmasters, Nathaniel and Nolan. She volunteers as Shehaqua Family bookkeeper, is the facilitator of the Financial Circle and contributes to the Family Camp Circle and the Logistics Circle. Haydee has been a homeschool educator since 1992 in NJ. (Haydee is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)
Kester Wilkening Kester Wilkening lives in Ossining, NY, with his wife, Jana, and their one-and-a-half-year old son. Kester has been attending Shehaqua programs since he was a child, and loves the out of doors and relaxed family atmosphere. His passion is creating powerful experiences for people, and he has been a Family Camp and Winter Retreat director. In the past two years he has served as the facilitator of the Family Camp Circle, and as their representative on the Operations Circle. His hope is for his son to enjoy Family Camp as much as he has :) Kester works at Savin Engineers as an environmental engineer designing upgrades for wastewater treatment plants. (Kester was previously a Council member from 2013–2014.)
Rob Sayre Rob Sayre and his wife, Sally, are one of the founding families of the Shehaqua programs. Rob served as executive director for the first twelve years and started the service programs, that still continue. More recently, he has served as the facilitator of the Harvest Festival Circle. Rob states: "Shehaqua has a solid foundation for continued success. I would like to help us develop programs that will reach new markets and communities and reach out to families who have attended in the past, but whose kids have grown up and don't participate as much." (Rob was previously a Council member from 2013–2014.)
Photo of Sue Stoia Sue Stoia and her two sons, Sam and Matthew, started coming to Family Camp in 2002. They loved it, and Sue gives Shehaqua Family Camp credit for saving their spiritual lives. A few years later, Sue started to bring her husband, Dan, to camp, as well. Dan is in a wheelchair, and the rustic setting of Shehaqua has its challenges for him, but they really love being there together. In 2013, Sue helped to organize one of the adult education tracks. Her desire is for Shehaqua to continue to be something that people of all ages can enjoy. (Sue is presently a Council member and is running for reelection.)