To protect Shehaqua family members, we have modified our Artist's Retreat Weekend into a more informal Musical Meetup! We will be gathering for this smaller program from July 24th - July 27th, between Week 1 and Week 2 of Family Camp.

In lieu of musical mentoring and randomized jam session groups, the Musical Meetup Weekend will provide practice space and outdoor performance opportunities for aspiring and veteran musicians. We have decided to modify the Retreat to allow participants' more freedom to physically distance according to their own judgment. This event is preferably BYOI (Bring Your Own Instrument) to increase participants' protection. Rather than the original educational seminars, we hope to provide an opportunity for people to invest in their craft or rediscover their love for another area of music.

We are encouraging those who wish to come and perform, practice, and/or spend time with other musicians to prepare a piece to perform during the gathering. The fees will be the same as for a regular Shehaqua Weekend. If you just want to get outside, this weekend will also be a more informal portion of camp. You may attend to play or listen comfortably in a relaxed and restorative environment.