Week 3 offers a special new educational track for adults this year. Guest speaker Ron Pappalardo will bring his "First Blessing Seminar" to Camp Shehaqua. This is a unique opportunity to experience his workshop in the beautiful atmosphere and spirit of camp, and at a great price, too! Normally, participants pay $130+ to participate in Ron’s two day seminars, but for Shehaqua campers of Week 3, it's only $50!

Synopsis: In the Book of Genesis, the “First Blessing” is described as being “fruitful,” which is similar to attaining maturity. During this education track, we will explore what it means to attain spiritual maturity, and how to attain it. Central to this growth is developing our own personal relationship with God, and understanding our own spiritual senses and gifts. The education track will also teach you techniques for developing your own spiritual abilities.

Facilitator: This education track will be conducted and facilitated by author, publisher, Reiki Master, and professional medium Ron Pappalardo. Ron studied religion at the Unification Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute’s “Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism.” His book, Reconciled by the Light: The After-Death Letters from a Teen Suicide, is required reading for all ministers prior to their certification by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Link to participant testimonies
Link to Ron Papalardo’s website, with more testimonies

Registration and Cost: To attend this education track please sign up for Shehaqua Family Camp Week 3 here. In addition to the regular camp fee you will be asked to pay $50 at the camp (check or cash only) directly to Ron Pappalardo. Please note that part of participating in Shehaqua Family Camps is volunteering for tasks to keep the camp running, and the participants of the “First Blessing” education track will also be asked to volunteer for at least two hours every day to help with work in the kitchen, or similar tasks. The work assignments will be scheduled so that participants won’t miss any part of the educational track.

Sign up by June 30 to take advantage of the discounted fees for Shehaqua Family Camp.