The 2011 Spring Gathering will be on May 21-22. Enjoy a weekend of whitewater rafting and paintball! The whitewater rafting is on Saturday at Pocono Whitewater and the paintball is on Sunday at Skirmish.

Whitewater rafting and paintball is for age 12 and up. The cost is $100. The fee includes outdoor activities (rafting and paintball),  accommodations at Camp Shehaqua, meals by Aunt Elke Noll and workshop activities in the morning and evening. Wetsuits for rafting and guns, paint, canisters, and masks for paintball will be provided. But register and pay by May 2nd - we need to know how many people are coming on the trip by then.

If there is a family member who will not go paintballing and will not go whitewater rafting (will do neither activity), they are welcome to stay behind. The fee for those staying behind is $50, or $30 for age 11 and under. A family does not have to pay more than $100 for the members not going rafting or paintballing. If there are enough people staying behind, there will be an organized hike or sports.