Struggling through classes and/or work? Need a break? Looking for adventure, challenge and an adrenaline rush? Don’t lose hope, because you're in luck! May 16–18, we will be having an exhilarating adventure! The Shehaqua Spring Gathering! This year there will be an array of engaging activities such as whitewater rafting for families, paintballing for tough strategists, and an open mic for striving artists.

If some of the more adventurous activities aren't quite your cup of tea, no problem! We have an alternative schedule planned for anyone looking for a more relaxing weekend in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. And there will be crafts, sports, discussions, and various other activities to join in.

(Adult Education track facilitated by Gregg Noll)

We will be exploring the core principles of spiritual and physical health that can enhance wherever you are on your journey in life. Some of the topics that we'll be covering both in presentations and small group discussions:

Dates: Dec. 29, 10 am - Jan. 1, 3 pm
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Winter...cold, long, dark nights. What better way to warm up than to soak in a spiritual spa or wake up your spirit with a Polar Bear Plunge at Camp Innabah. Come join us for four days of family fun activities and education, the best food that money CAN'T buy, life-enriching interaction and fellowship, all for one purpose—to prepare and empower you for the year ahead.

Dates: Friday, September 20 – Sunday, September 22

This year's Harvest Festival will truly capture the spirit of the harvest! Come celebrate with us the turning of the seasons, and the good fruit we've borne this year! The Harvest Festival will be chock full of meaningful and outrageously fun activities and contests, including candle making, tie dye, pumpkin painting, a watermelon eating contest, foot race and, of course, the Grand Slam Hoedown Jam!! Be sure to wear your "country finest" because we will vote to see whose outfit really captures the spirit of the hoedown! So drop your books, workload and stress, and come be with family and friends in God's incredible creation at Camp Shehaqua.

The Intentional community workshop is a special track for people interested in learning about intentional communities. It will be held as part of the Weekend 1.5 program, on July 26 - 28.

Friday July 26

6 pm Dinner