Happy month of May to you! Registration is open for Shehaqua Family Camp. We look forward to seeing you there!

Register by May 31st to get the Early Bird Rate. The dates reserved for Shehaqua Family Camp are as follows:

Shehaqua Family Camp Week 1: Sun, July 21 - Fri, July 26
Directors: Kester Wilkening & Josh Angelucci

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Week 1 will feature Whitewater Rafting for the whole family, family-time afternoon activities, and many of our classics: Crafts, Family Fun Night, Volleyball, The Pool, experiencing God in Nature, Mom’s time and Dad’s time, Dodgeball, Talent Night, and more! Join us in creating memories with our amazing community of families.

Shehaqua Family & Arts' Weekend Retreat: Fri, July 26 - Mon, July 29
Directors: Yeol-Shim Bell-Miller & Sunhyun Miller

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Join us in the stunning Pocono mountains for a Family and Arts centered weekend in a Shehaqua Family Camp setting.

If you like to create, learn, play, perform, connect, or explore, this weekend is for you and your family.

We will have activities for both artists and non-artists. In addition to utilizing multiple staging areas to rehearse, perform, create visual art, or be part of the audience, you will be able to partake in discussions, hike, swim, do crafts, enjoy sports, and take time to reconnect with friends, family, and nature.

There will be learning sessions for all ages, led by participants who enjoy sharing their craft, plus, group discussions on how we can creatively impact our community.

If you have a performing arts or visual arts related talent, this could be an ideal opportunity to share or teach it.

Shehaqua Family Camp Week 2: Mon, July 29 - Sat, Aug 3
Director: Daniel Hess
Education Director: Kaeleigh Moffit

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We always have a wonderful time with songs, bonfires, games, sports, friends and a high spirit.

Fun times are guaranteed, but we also want to think about the future and learn about how to prepare for the day (which will come faster than we know it) when it is our time to form and lead families. What will we have to do to get ready for that time, and how will we develop ourselves with that in mind?

Bonus 1: Whitewater Rafting like last year, but different! A different outfitter, and a different section of river! (Ages 8 and up!)

Bonus 2: Final night dance (groups not couples of course) party in the Dining Hall!

Click here for instructions on how to register.

The dates reserved for the 2024 Shehaqua Family Camp are as follows:

Week 1: Sun, July 21 - Fri, July 26

Artists' Weekend Retreat: Fri, July 26 - Mon, July 29
It's a family affair! Bring your talent, your instruments, your creations, your appreciation for the Arts, and be ready for family fun and inspiration.

Week 2: Mon, July 29 - Sat, Aug 3

With the winter finally coming to a close and Daylight Savings having come and gone, we look forward to our time-honored summer traditions and much needed days of rest, relaxation, and restoration.

Look out for our registration to open in the middle of this month. We look forward to seeing you again this summer! As mentioned above, we are keeping tabs on the news and recommended guidelines to determine if we can safely hold Family Camp this year and will announce any changes as we learn more.

Read below for dates and details!

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Toasting s'mores at the campfire, swimming at Sand Spring Lake, hiking on the Shades of Death Trail, playing Capture the Flag, hosting Family Fun Night and Candlelight Prayer in the meadow—these were experiences shared at Shehaqua in July 2020. Through cooperation under a shared vision, Dan Hess, Chris Bush, and Sally Sayre scouted out campsites, contacted the rangers at Hickory Run, and created education packets for families.

Not being able to accept a summer without camp, this dedicated trio managed this Family Camping Adventure with the structure of Shehaqua Family Camp. Dan and Chris served as director and General Affairs director respectively, with Chris also assuming the mantle of crew; Sally took up the familiar role of teacher and education director. The persistence exhibited by this team seemed to be rewarded from above by beautiful weather throughout the gathering.

Camp Shehaqua founder Sally Sayre has volunteered to organize sign-up information. Thank you, Sally!

Sally Sayre’s contact information is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (610) 844-3572

Daniel Hess’s contact information is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (301) 704-6859

Families will reserve campsites on Monday, July 27th for 3 days (which means from July 27th at 3 pm to July 30th at 3pm).

There are two camping loops that are preferred for our families:
First preference is loop 45-70 and if this loop becomes full then the second preference: Loop 12-44

Registration steps: