Gregg and Elke Noll have been presenting their "Kick Start Your Health" workshops to small groups of people since the beginning of this year. You can get a good idea about the various segments offered in these workshops by watching the 6 minutes video from the workshop that took place in Bowie, MD, in the beginning of February:

Kick Start Your Health

And here are two more links showing some of Elke’s food demonstrations:

Veggie Pancakes

Mango Cashew Salad Dressing

Gregg and Elke will present an extended version of their "Kick Start Your Health" workshop at Shehaqua Family Camp this summer.

Thank you all who voted for their favorite Shehaqua Video Contest video(s) on our Facebook page! Voting ended on Sunday, February 19, and the winners have been chosen by you. We received no votes by email, which means the winner in each of the two categories (individual and family) were chosen solely by people "liking" the video contributions on Facebook.

By: Oliver Noll

Every year the Shehaqua community gathers for the Winter Retreat at Camp Innabah to start the New Year off the right with family and friends. The theme "Live the Dream" set the tone for the whole workshop of approximately 130 participants. We wanted to focus on creating a heart of readiness for the new era approaching on D-Day. Since Cheon Il Guk is Father’s dream, we wanted to take the necessary steps to make it a reality this year.

Hi Winter Retreat Participants,

Hope you had a great time at the 2011 Shehaqua Family Winter Retreat! Please take some time to use the following link: to fill out an anonymous survey and reflection. If you participated in the Health Retreat please download this form, fill in the appropriate areas and attach in an email to Gregg Noll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your time and investment. We look forward to hearing from you!

~The Shehaqua Family Core Leadership Team~

Pocono Family Ministries is pleased to announce that we are helping support the Philadelphia Lovin' Life's youth ministries with a $300 / quarter donation.

Shehaqua people


VOL. 1, No. 4, DECEMBER 2011

In our end-of-the-year issue we take a look back on the Shehaqua Family Camp and Fall Festival, and we are looking ahead with updates on the upcoming Winter Retreat and the Video Contest.

Health Retreat at Winter Retreat

Shehaqua 2012 Video Contest Update