Registration is now open for the 2014-2015 Shehaqua Winter Retreat! Register before Nov. 30th by clicking here and receive the early bird prices. Information about prices can be found here. The program starts on Monday, December 29, at 10:00am, and ends on Thursday, January 1, by 3:00pm.

Photo of the midnight Campfire at last year's Winter Retreat

There will be interactive education for all age groups (toddlers! elementary, middle school, high school, young adults and adults, see our last Newsletter) including:

Gregg Noll has offered so much to the Shehaqua Family as a participant, a director, executive director and finally council facilitator. Many of us have been lucky to know and work with him, and we are so grateful for his continued commitment and passion to this community and its programs. As he moves on now to new opportunities, we wanted to take a moment to thank him and to reflect on the many great things he helped create during his years of service.

Photo of Gregg Noll making announcements at Shehaqua

When the Shehaqua Family decided to adopt the Sociocracy model of governance at the Shehaqua Summit in October 2013, the intention was to break up the work; to get things done earlier to improve the quality of our programs; to let more volunteers contribute in areas where their passions and expertise are; and to be inclusive and involve as many stakeholders as possible in the decision-making processes. Program planning and some decision making was now to take place in eight circles; one for each of the four Shehaqua programs—Spring Gathering, Family Camp, Harvest Festival, and Winter Retreat—and four more covering the year-round operations: Education, Finances, Logistics, and Media & Communications.

Group Photo of the 2014 Shehaqua Summit
The participants of the 2014 Shehaqua Summit (click to expand)

Join us at the Shehaqua Fall Fest at Camp Shehaqua, September 19–21! Enjoy square dancing to live music from a professional band! Bring a homemade treat for our potluck dessert table. Get your name enshrined in one of our new trophies for the log toss, Harvest Fest run, and watermelon eating contest! Participate in fall crafts both old and new! Eat delicious food! Win the costume contest (dress up in your "country finest")! Enjoy copious free time and a later "lights out" for adults!

We are looking for volunteers to help with camp set up and/or camp shut down. If you are willing and able to give back to the Shehaqua Community by volunteering, please contact Mike Diamond.

The event starts Friday evening and lasts until Sunday morning. Please arrive around 7 pm (no dinner will be served, please eat before you arrive). Register here. Early bird prices are $40 per person, and 50% off for children 8 and younger. Children 2 and under come for free. The early bird discount ends September 12! Click here for the full fees table.

—Mike Diamond, camp director of 2014 Shehaqua Harvest Festival

The 2014 Harvest Festival will be held at Camp Shehaqua on September 19-21. The director will be Michael Diamond. Save the date!

Week 3 offers a special new educational track for adults this year. Guest speaker Ron Pappalardo will bring his "First Blessing Seminar" to Camp Shehaqua. This is a unique opportunity to experience his workshop in the beautiful atmosphere and spirit of camp, and at a great price, too! Normally, participants pay $130+ to participate in Ron’s two day seminars, but for Shehaqua campers of Week 3, it's only $50!

By Sally Sayre

Some of the trademarks of Shehaqua have an interesting background that many new members of Shehaqua Family are not familiar with. Even some veterans may not remember where things originated. The compass rose logo that was featured for many years on our T-shirts and is still present on our website, our mugs, and other places was created in 2000 by Steve Martin. He and his wife, Lydia, and their daughters were members of our very first camp in 1995 and continued to attend for several years until the family moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland. Lydia grew up in Allentown and they were members of our local small group before small groups were a recognized part of our church structure. Steve was working as a graphic artist at Majestic which designs and manufactures team uniforms for major league sports.