The 2014 Harvest Festival will be held at Camp Shehaqua on September 19-21. The director will be Michael Diamond. Save the date!

Week 3 offers a special new educational track for adults this year. Guest speaker Ron Pappalardo will bring his "First Blessing Seminar" to Camp Shehaqua. This is a unique opportunity to experience his workshop in the beautiful atmosphere and spirit of camp, and at a great price, too! Normally, participants pay $130+ to participate in Ron’s two day seminars, but for Shehaqua campers of Week 3, it's only $50!

By Sally Sayre

Some of the trademarks of Shehaqua have an interesting background that many new members of Shehaqua Family are not familiar with. Even some veterans may not remember where things originated. The compass rose logo that was featured for many years on our T-shirts and is still present on our website, our mugs, and other places was created in 2000 by Steve Martin. He and his wife, Lydia, and their daughters were members of our very first camp in 1995 and continued to attend for several years until the family moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland. Lydia grew up in Allentown and they were members of our local small group before small groups were a recognized part of our church structure. Steve was working as a graphic artist at Majestic which designs and manufactures team uniforms for major league sports.

For your convenience, here are the summer Shehaqua Family Camp dates:
Arrive at Leave at
Week 1 1 - 3pmJuly 20 11:00amJuly 25
Week 1.5 AfternoonJuly 25 AfternoonJuly 27
Week 2 1 - 3 pmJuly 28 11:00amAug 2
Week 3 1 - 3 pmAug 4 11:00amAug 9

See more details at the 2014 Schedule.

Well, it is that time of year again... Shehaqua Family Camp Registration is now open! This is Shehaqua Family Camp's 20th anniversary! We are so excited to offer three amazing weeks of Family Camp, as well as our increasingly popular Shehaqua Weekend.

No matter which week you are able to attend, there will be ample opportunities for amazing experiences. Keeping true to the Shehaqua spirit of community, every camper is asked to lend a helping hand in the every-day operations of the camp. The more we all chip in, the more we all enjoy the power of community!

Some special tracks will be available in addition to the family camp experience. Click the "Read more" link and keep reading for more information about the tracks.

Click here for the Shehaqua Family Camp fees.

Click here to register.

Struggling through classes and/or work? Need a break? Looking for adventure, challenge and an adrenaline rush? Don’t lose hope, because you're in luck! May 16–18, we will be having an exhilarating adventure! The Shehaqua Spring Gathering! This year there will be an array of engaging activities such as whitewater rafting for families, paintballing for tough strategists, and an open mic for striving artists.

If some of the more adventurous activities aren't quite your cup of tea, no problem! We have an alternative schedule planned for anyone looking for a more relaxing weekend in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. And there will be crafts, sports, discussions, and various other activities to join in.