Misha Panzer

We have a winner! Misha Panzer won the 2012 Shehaqua T-shirt Contest with her design of a tree. Second place goes to Aiwa Hunter with a detailed design of a Native American chief. Third place goes to Mika Lipowcan with a heartwarming drawing of a campfire with hearts for sparks.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. The judges were Katya Nolan, Sun-Je Pearlman, Eileen Savage, Sally Sayre, Milon Townsend, and Teo Wilkening. With nine people submitting 10 designs, the 6 judges had to make some tough choices. Misha's design will be on the t-shirt this summer, and we hope to see you there!

Winning Design

Hello Shehaqua Community!

I am pleased to introduce to you the theme for the spring gathering this year: Beyond Boundaries. Laura, Jonathan, and I are very excited to take part in planning this year's spring gathering event and we hope that you can join us the weekend of May 18th-20th for an exciting adventure filled with friends, fun, spiritual enrichment, and challenge. Some of the activities for the weekend will include white-water rafting, paintballing, a sports tournament, and a hike.

Register now as space is limited! Prices will vary depending on when you sign up and the activities you would like to do. The early bird special will last until Sunday, April 22nd, so don't miss it! After the early bird you will still be able to register until Sunday, May 6th. The cost covers accommodations at Shehaqua, meals prepared by Aunt Elke Noll, group activities in the morning and night, and your choice of daytime activities. Click here for pricing details and here to register. Please note that if you bring someone to Shehaqua for the first time, you both will receive a 10% discount. Spread the word and save some money!

All the best,
Ariella Brunkhorst

We are glad to announce the first Shehaqua T-shirt Design Contest with exciting cash prizes! In the past the Shehaqua Family has produced one or two new T-shirts every year and primarily sold them at Shehaqua Family Camp in summer. For the past five years, one of the designs was the Pocono Family logo (compass) and the other a line drawing of an animal. This year we are looking for a fresh design, and we are turning to you for help.

The only element that is required to be part of your design is the words "Shehaqua Family." Everything else is up to you. Express your creativity!

Submit your idea for a Shehaqua Family T-shirt by March 31. All submissions will be presented to a panel of six or seven judges who will choose a winner. The judges consist of active Shehaqua Family campers, and they vary in age from middle school student to grandparent and represent both genders. Their criteria for judging each design are how much it expresses the spirit of the Shehaqua Family programs, how original it is, and how artistically accomplished it is.

The winner of the Shehaqua T-shirt design contest will get a check of $100. The second- and third-place winner will get a check of $50 each, and the fourth- and fifth-place-winner will each win one of our brand new T-shirts.

Please read our rules for all the details.

Nathaniel Ching,
Contest Coordinator

Here are the dates for the upcoming Shehaqua spring and summer programs. Save the date in your calendar, take off from work, and get ready for another season of fun!

  • Spring Gathering: May 18 - 20. We are planning to ask for renting the 17th and the 21st in order to make move-in and move-out more practical.
  • Group leader retreat / training: July 20 - 22
  • Family Camp Week 1: July 22 - 27
  • Weekend 1.5: July 27 - 29
  • Family Camp Week 2: July 30 - August 5. WEEK 2 WILL BE EXTRA LONG: A SIX-NIGHT CAMP SESSION!!!
  • Family Camp Week 3: August 6 - 11

Last year's adventurous Spring Gathering was a great success, so we decided to offer whitewater rafting and paintball again this year. We will also extend the rental time of the Shehaqua campsite for Friday and Monday, which will allow for the event to be longer and make it easier to move in and out. Laura Hinkle and Jonathan and Ariella Brunkhorst will be leading the Spring Gathering this year.

This summer we are back to having three amazing weeks of Shehaqua Family Camp. Like last year, we' will begin with a training session to prepare group leaders for their upcoming leadership work. There will also be a weekend retreat between Week 1 and Week 2. What's entirely new this year is that Week 2 will have an extra day, and that Week 3 will have a special focus on families with younger children (12 and under). Gregg Noll will once again offer his popular Kick Start Your Health program, this year in week 3.

We have an exciting year ahead of us!

We're excited to announce that Camp Shehaqua will be getting a new stove! As you may have noticed the old stoves at Camp Shehaqua was breaking down. Some of you may have been there when the stoves caught fire. Many of you have seen the burned food caused by the temperamental oven. Shehaqua Family will be getting new stoves for Camp Shehaqua this spring, so we should have new stoves by the summer.

We are presently also planning service projects for this summer, not just in Camp Shehaqua, but throughout the Hickory Run State Park.