With the winter finally coming to a close and Daylight Savings having come and gone, we look forward to our time-honored summer traditions and much needed days of rest, relaxation, and restoration.

Look out for our registration to open within the next month. We look forward to seeing you again this summer! As mentioned above, we are keeping tabs on the news and recommended guidelines to determine if we can safely hold Family Camp this year and will announce any changes as we learn more.

Family Camp Dates are:

Week 1 – Sunday, July 19th to Friday, July 24th

Weekend Music Meetup – Friday, July 24th to Monday, July 27th

Week 2 – Monday, July 27th to Saturday, August 1st

We have an exciting new event coming up for newcomers and frequent visitors to the Shehaqua grounds. This year, for the first time ever, we are hosting an Artists’ Retreat: Music Edition! This event is currently scheduled for July 24th - July 27th, between Week 1 and Week 2 of Family Camp, so clear your calendars!

Over the weekend, we will hear from Laurence Baer on composition, join Laurel Nakai in a songwriting session, and hone our soloing skills with Sebastian Jean. This prototype event is structured for any and all creatively minded people. Whether you are an aficionado or an amateur, there will be something for you. We will have a diverse set of tracks to play, whether you are interested in the lyrical side of music, want to brush up on your performance process, or enjoy singing with a group. Weather permitting, outdoor song sessions and games will be available in the afternoons as well. If you or anyone you know is interested, share this event. We hope to make this event educational and entertaining for all involved. We hope you’re looking forward to this weekend as much as we are!

When registering, you may choose to come for the full Friday to Monday program, just for the weekend or a single day. To get the full experience of the retreat, we highly encourage give yourself a three-day weekend and stay for the whole program if you are available!

(EDIT 3/28: Dates have been changed; the event is now in July instead of end of May.)

(EDIT 5/23: Changed the name from "Artist's Retreat: Music Edition" to "Music Meetup"

This year, Shehaqua Family Camp t-shirts cannot be ordered through our website at the time of registration. If you are interested in getting t-shirts, you will have to order and pay them through a third-party website. We will have two designs that can be ordered online.

Please note that you will not be able to buy any t-shirts at camp—all t-shirts must be ordered by you before camp. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the shirts to arrive at your address.

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We are excited to invite all of you to the 25th annual Family Camp at Shehaqua! We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, enjoying nature, and experiencing God's love. We're going to have fun, enriching activities for all ages. Classics such as Family Fun Night, S'Mores, dodgeball, volleyball, pool-time fun, and new programs will all be available.

As a reminder, here are the dates and directors of each program:

Shehaqua Family Camp Week 1
Monday, July 22–Saturday, July 27
Co-directors: Kester Wilkening and Daniel Mizutani

Shehaqua Family Camp Week 2
Monday, July 29–Saturday, August 3
Co-directors: Doug Ashley, Daniel Hess, and Levy Daugherty

Week 1 Highlights: Week 1 High-School Age Adventure Education

Co-Directors: Daniel Mizutani, Kester Wilkening
Education Director: Jana Iparraguirre
A.R.O. (The new Supernova Adventure Program) Coordinators: Meta Learey and Luke Scazzero

There will be a special highlight on our adventure program for the Supernovas! (High school age)

A.R.O. is a new program organized by some of our amazing older brothers and sisters. It stands for Attitude of Raditude Outings, and it is a chance to discover an unconventional and new way of loving God, nature, yourself, and others. Youth will embark on adventures in God’s creation, grow their understanding of one another, receive spiritual content, get a fresh and new perspective of the life’s principles, and most importantly have fun! (25 spots are available, Additional charge of $65 per person.)

There will also be high-quality adult education, programs for toddlers, etc. It’s gonna be Super :)

Join us at Week 1 of Family Camp!

-Daniel Mizutani and Kester Wilkening

Week 2 Highlights:

Celebrate! Get packed and ready for this year's 25th edition of a true Family reunion at the Shehaqua Family Camp in Week 2, from July 29th through August 3rd. Relax, Renew and Revive old friendships in the lush Pocono Mountains setting of Camp Shehaqua.

Director Doug Ashley and Assistant Directors Daniel Hess and Levy Daugherty are planning a slate of activities for young and old. Bring your talents and your instruments for music and memories. There will be Crafts, Hiking, Swimming, Family Fun Night, Candle Light Prayer, Dodgeball Tournament, Talent Night, great food, panel discussions and presentations. Also, back by popular demand, the Adventure Race for teens will bring an extra dose of excitement to our time together.

But we need one more thing to make this year extra special — you!

The old registration system has served us well for many years thanks to the hard work of the Ching family; however, the code-heavy management of the system makes it difficult to pass on the work. Since Haydee has retired as registrar this year, we have been working to find a replacement registration system, and as of now, we have not found a single system that can fully handle our camp pricing as well as the old system. We are continuing to research solutions for future years.

In the meantime, we have switched to a less sophisticated system which will work using one system to register and one system to receive payments. This will work as follows:

  1. Families will register using a Google Form for each week of camp, which will allow for a maximum of 10 simultaneous registrations. To register more than 10 people, submit the form a second time for your remaining attendees. This form will not collect payment directly.
    • Adopting families must register adopted children on their own registration.
    • If you have already registered but then have accepted a request to adopt a child, please contact the registrar, Laura Herbers, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • If at any point you need to make changes to or cancel your registration, please email the registrar, Laura Herbers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. Once you have submitted the form, the registrar will send you an online invoice with the amount owed for the attendees you've signed up.
    • This invoice can be paid online via a credit card or bank account.
      1. Mike Stewart has been appointed as the new bookkeeper for Shehaqua Family and will be in charge of sending and accepting checks. If you plan to pay by check, please let the registrar know via email.
    • The price in the invoice will reflect the Early Bird, Regular Fee or Late Fee pricing based on the time period when you registered. In the event that you miss a deadline, the registrar will send an email to let you know when the invoice has been updated.
    • Adopting Families must specify an email address for the Adopted Child's parent in order for that parent to be sent an invoice for the adopted child's attendance fee. If none is provided, the invoice for the Adopted Child’s cost will be sent to the Adopting Family. In this case, the two families will have to arrange to pay one another back separately.
  3. Be sure to check your spam folder or other email filters. Your invoice will come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. The ability to see who has signed up will be powered by a Google Spreadsheet this year. The links to each week's attendance can be found here:

Thank you for your patience with us while we are working on the new registration process. If you have suggestions or feedback on the process, feel free to contact the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and address it to Sunkwon Bush, who will be supporting Laura Herbers on registration this year.

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(Friday, September 21, until Sunday, September 23)

Are you dreading the cold, school, and work, and are you wishing summer had lasted longer? Wishing you were back with your family and friends at Shehaqua family camp, enjoying the beautiful nature with God? Well, do not fret, the Harvest Festival is one more hurrah for the end of the summer, one last weekend to getaway and enjoy the warm weather!

Join us September 21–23 at Camp Shehaqua. You will be dunking for apples, eating pies, throwing logs, and, of course, square dancing. We will always have activities going on but mostly it will be quite relaxed and just a enjoyable time to spend with your friends and family in a loving environment.

The magical experience will begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening (September 21). Please eat before you arrive because we won’t be able to serve dinner. We will be concluding the weekend on Sunday at noon with lunch followed by clean up.

Register NOW and take advantage of our early bird offer! The price now is $50 per person but will go up to $65 after September 10, and to $80 if you register after September 18. Visit our fee page for more information.

Hope to see you at Shehaqua!
Sincerely, Denthew Learey
Harvest Festival Director

Watch some Harvest Festival movies from previous years here.

Register today for one of these summer programs:

Summer Programs Dates Staff
Week 1 July 22–27 Directors: Kester Wilkening
Assistant Director: Daniel Mizutani
Weekend July 27–29 Director: Daniel Hess
Education Director: Kyra Moyer
Week 2 July 30–Aug. 4 Directors: Denthew Learey & Claude Aubert
Assistant Director: Daniel Kingsley
Education directors: Concha Marchitelli & Melissa Manor

Click here for fees. Register here. Early bird deadline lasts until May 31.